For Foundations, Donor-advised Funds and Corporations

We offer foundations, corporations and individuals a suite of client-centered strategies to increase the impact of disaster-related giving.

Guided by the principles of funding locally, learning from others, prioritizing medium- and long-term recovery and staying true to organizational mission, we provide institutional donors such as foundations, donor-advised funds and corporations the following customized services:

  • Grants management – Boost the effectiveness of current disaster giving. We supplement your staffing with our real-time disaster expertise by introducing you to vetted nonprofits, developing proposal and reporting templates, tracking implementation and more. As an extension of your team, we can shepherd grants from shaping to program completion. Our thorough program evaluation services provide progress updates on new ways you can help better support community partners.
  • Research and analyses – Delve deeper into a topic of interest. Our findings and analyses are accompanied by concrete, actionable recommendations for our client partners. We craft internally and externally facing materials about global crises that help inform, influence and guide action.
  • Strategic planning – Align organizational goals, values and strategies with customized disaster giving. We get to know what matters to you and your organization to ensure your disaster philanthropy is intentional and can be easily implemented. Our tested approach provides a roadmap to answer the when, where, how and why of your disaster investments.
  • Technical assistance – Strengthen internal expertise and successfully implement disaster-giving initiatives. We provide a range of operational or management support, such as custom training and workshops, due diligence, data review and more.
  • NGO list curation –  Know which local, national or international disaster-serving nongovernmental organizations to support soon after a disaster.
    We provide lists of trusted organizations that have gone through CDP Pre-Check, our due-diligence process that includes reviewing each organization’s mission, programs, governance structure and financial stability.

“eBay Foundation is proud to support the Center for Disaster Philanthropy and their critical long-term response and recovery efforts. In addition to their work, which centers and connects with communities, we have valued our partnership and their thought leadership. They have proven to be the go-to source for thoughtful, equity-driven expertise in the midst of disaster.”

Allie Ottoboni, President, eBay Foundation


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We welcome the opportunity to answer questions and tailor our consulting services to meet your needs. For more information, contact Sarah Petrin.

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